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Shop My Favorite Travel Gear

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Welcome to my travel favorites! Below are some things that have really helped me step up my travel game, I hope they'll help you too.

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Travel Size


Small Items that Make Travel Easier


North Face Backpack

Plenty of pockets and room for a weekend trip. This bag is made to help you pack lighter and simpler.

Black Hole® Duffel Bag 55L (right)

Out of stock currently on Patagonia's website, but this similar duffle backpack on the left is available now and can be found at this link.

Away Luggage

Hard case luggage is the best option for a carry on bag. Durable, easy to clean, and bags like Away come with several different organization tools inside plus a lifetime warranty.


space saver compression bags

Travel Compression Bags

Use these bags to save space in your bag when traveling.

Carry On Bag

This bag will fit under the seat while you're traveling and hold everything you need for your trip.

Travel Vest

Fit even more by wearing it in your vest!

Foldable Backpack

This day pack folds and travels easily inside a carry on. Lots of colors available.

Toiletry Bag

Easy to pack and water-resistant, this is a great toiletry bag. Comes in several colors.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to organize your bag and make the most of the space in a larger bag.

Reusable Water Bottle

Good for the environment and means you stay hydrated at all times!

Travel Size

Straightener Curler Combo

Condense your hair tools into this single combo tool that comes with a heat protectant travel bag for easy packing.

Pocket Blanket

This is the ideal blanket to bring with you if you're headed to the beach, on a picnic, or anywhere outdoors but want a blanket that will take up minimal space. It's lightweight, easy to pack, and waterproof.


Portable Charger with Fast Charging Technology

Packing cubes are a great way to organize your bag and make the most of the space in a larger bag.

Bluetooth Speaker

Perfect for the outdoors, hiking, and group trips, a Bluetooth speaker can change the vibe of any trip! This one is easy to pack and waterproof for durability and multi-use.

Portable Photo Printer

This photo printer is at a lower price point than many others and offers cute instant photos that make a keepsake from a trip that's just perfect! It's also foldable making it easy to bring with you on a trip.

Find Go Pros and Accessories

Small Items that Make Travel Easier

Microfiber Travel Towel 3 Sizes in 1 Pack

These towels are quick-drying, take up little space, and dry quickly. Making them perfect for travel!

Blister Pads

No matter how comfy your shoes are, after a day of walking, you could still get a blister. Pack a few of these for each trip!

Scalp Sunscreen

My scalp is always first to get a sunburn, but sunscreen on your scalp... greasy! This sunscreen is made for scalps and doesn't make my hair greasy at all.

Door Stop

Added safety and security so no matter where you are staying, you feel secure while you sleep and stay somewhere. No worrying and added security.


You never know when an allergic reaction might happen or if allergies will act up. I always bring a few of these in my bag just in case.

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