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I’m Meghan. An avid traveler who takes a trip every chance I get, to everywhere I can. I make my bucket list happen even when I’m on a budget, and want to help you do the same. ​ My goal is to show you how I save, how much I actually spend (hint: it's always at a discount somehow!), and how you can make it happen too. I believe in full transparency, and by finding my page, I’m sure you do too! ​ Friends, family, and colleagues often say, “Wow you travel so much! How do you do it? Isn’t it really expensive to travel? How do you afford all the things you do?” I always reply, “Anyone can do it. Seriously!”

​This is how my blog was born. I’m an avid traveler on a budget. I went to 22 countries on my US teacher’s salary which means I know how to travel with limited funds. ​ I’ve spent hours researching and finding lots of tips and tricks for getting the best deals and making the most of my trips. I’m here to share those with you! Following my blog means you are getting these tips regularly from me on how I make it work.

My site focuses on stretching your money as far as possible, as much as possible. I didn’t make it to six countries in one year on three different trips just by crossing my fingers for good deals. As a 30 something I’ve got a bit of money and I want to go as much as I can but spend as little as I can (without going full backpacker… hostel staying and eating pb&js the whole time).



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