What to Wear in Paris this Winter

When I ย started trying to figure out what to pack for my weekend in Paris, I had a really hard time finding very much info on what to pack. I googled, pintrested (is that a word?), and asked bloggers. Alas, I was left without a list and did my best to figure it out.

When I got back, I got questions about my outfits from people also wanting to decide what to pack for Paris in the winter.ย So, I decided to put my outfits together into a post! Before I get to the outfits, I want to just let you know about a few things when you are deciding to pack...


Paris is known for its rain in the winter. Plan ahead for this! Thankfully, it stayed sunny the whole time we were there and we did not need our rain gear.

We brought a few items to help with the possibility of rain:

  1. water proof black boots
  2. fold-able ponchos
  3. umbrellas

The other thing you should know is that it is cold and windy. If I were to compare it to a US city, I would say it is similar to New York City. It was in the 30s pretty much the whole time we were there. This meant layering, gloves, hats, and scarves were a must. I brought a pea coat and wore sweaters and long sleeves underneath. This was enough layering even with our walking around to keep me warm. We also brought thermal socks to keep our feet warm. I was not prepared in this area and ended up borrowing socks from my mom!

What the Parisians Wear

There were a few things I noticed that the French were wearing that I think I should mention here. However, these ladies were walking to and from the metro or work - not walking around the city sightseeing for hours. Some of their choices were not suitable for being a tourist walking through the literal freezing cold in Paris. However, they were fabulous.

  1. Fur - we saw lots of people in fur. Fur coats, hats, scarves, vests, fur is popular!
  2. Tights - I have to admit, this was a shocker for me. It's so cold!
  3. Pea coats or puffy coats - People are not picky about this and you will see people in all different types of coats
  4. Lots of black - It was definitely the color of choice
  5. High boots - There were many women wearing boots to their knees with tights and skirts.

Honestly, everyone in Paris looks fabulous. Maybe it is the Paris vibe of love constantly in the air, but I just thought everyone was so well dressed and put together.

What I Wore

So these are my outfits that I wore. In addition to the items I show, I also wore gloves, thermal socks, a sweater, and my pea coat each day. Yes, I wore the same gloves and coat every day. Who wants to pack more than one coat for a trip? They take up so much space! I had a hard time deciding which coat to bring, my puffy or my pea coat. Ultimately I decided on my pea coat because it is easier to move around in.

Vintage turtleneck+high rise jeans from Urban Outfitters+hat from local DC market (Eastern Market)+Lucky Brand boots + blanket scarf from Target


long sleeve turtle neck from J. Crew + black skinny jeans from H&M + Soda brand black boots + grey hat and white scarf from Peru


lace long sleeve shirt from H&M + High rise jeans from Urban Outfitters + Lucky Brand Boots + Red hat and black scarf from World Market (borrowed from my mom!)


I wore the same two cardigans every day under my coat in these basic colors because they so easily go with everything. The hats and gloves I brought for the same reason. I only brought one necklace which went with 2 of the 3 outfits I brought. The purse I carried was also one that went with everything and fit everything perfectly. It's a mid-sized cross body purse that has a few pockets on the inside to keep things organized as well.

I did bring my GoPro on this trip. I was torn at first because I see a GoPro many times as best for adventure travel. However, I was really happy with how the photos turned out on my GoPro from this trip and am so happy I brought it along! If you have one or are thinking about getting one, don't be afraid to take city shots with it too!

So there are my outfits and tips on packing for Paris in winter! What else would you pack or did you pack? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Ashley McIntee

    Great post. I was just in France (not much time in Paris), but in Beauvais and Bordeaux and so happy I brought a peacoat. I was thinking it’d be much wetter than it actually was (thank god) – but I couldn’t imagine wearing fur with so much possible rain!

    – Ashley from http://www.wanderdolls.com

    • Thank you! Agree on wearing fur! It could be I saw so many people with it because it was completely sunny while we were there. Maybe everyone got out their fur because there was no rain!

  • Awesome post. I was in Paris in both winter and summer and managed to survive both! Lolz. I carried a knee length jacket and a pea coat. I often wear those tights too in UK & Europe, they have a version which has thermal lining within! Love your style as well.

    • Thank you! It’s awesome you’ve gotten to experience both sides of Paris. I’ve heard it’s lovely in summer! I’ve been once in spring. Thermal lining tights sound like such a good idea! I want to look into getting some of those myself! I usually wear leggings if I wear a skirt, but tights are a nice alternative.

  • John

    Great post, My wife would love these outfits. The black and white turtle neck is about as Paris as you can get! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you! Yes, I found it on sale at J. Crew right before the trip and decided I had to get it for Paris!

  • Melissa Hamilton

    I really like the unique take on your article with the clothing and what to wear! I am really into the wide hats its very chic and trendy. What to bring for a trip is always a confusion hurling things across the room overpacking. This makes it simple. I love it

    • Thank you! I have two wide brimmed hats, only annoying thing about taking them on a trip like this was the fact that I had to wear it on the plane basically! It ended up being worth it though because it was warm and blocked the wind. I agree! It can be confusing deciding what to wear. Thanks for reading!

  • Womanhattan Lifestyle and Trav

    I like the outfits, they are comfortable and modern.

  • I saw a lot of what to pack in Paris in pinterest but yours is unique and more helpful as you include your photo actually wearing it ๐Ÿ™‚ When did you visit Paris btw? We’re planning to visit and not so sure with the weather and what to wear.

    • Thank you! I was there in January and got an incredible deal ($500 for flight+hotel). Things were basically empty and lines were so short! Highly recommend. I have a few other posts about it if you are interested in knowing more.

  • You are very well organised for your trip. It is important to pack correctly with appropriate clothes for sure. We hope to visit Paris sometime in the future as it looks beautiful.

    • Thank you! I wasn’t as organized when creating outfits, but am when I am putting together a post! Hope you do get to visit – it’s a wonderful place, highly recommend going in the winter. We had so much fun!

  • Claire

    Great suggestions here! I also noticed how much fur they where and make it an opportunity to wear some of my pieces haha!

  • Bruce Schinkel Jr.

    You’re so right that dressing for the weather doesn’t have to be fashion-less. Those were some great and versatile outfits that looked perfect for whatever Paris threw at you.

  • I love investing and sticking with neutral colors that can easily be matched with a lot of other outfits. So I don’t need to bring a lot even if it’s winter! I see that you’ve done the same, too. You are so organize. ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS. I didn’t know that Paris still looks very sunny even in winter. <3

    • Thank you! I love neutrals in winter – I feel like it fits the weather haha. We got very lucky apparently – it can be very rainy! We had all sunny days though and you could definitely still see Paris in rain, but it’d be a lot more indoor time!

  • Kellyn Jeremy-Aponte

    Thanks for sharing. I’m sure Paris is winter is absolutely beautiful. If I’m going to Paris, I’m going in style and comfort. Thanks for sharing these great packing tips.

    • It is beautiful and way less crowded, definitely a plus for going in the off season!