Brunch Spots Around the Globe You’ll Love

Well, Valentine’s Day is coming up this week. And let’s just say…

Not all Valentine’s Days go as planned or wanted…

So while I’m not excited about Valentine’s Day, I am always excited about hanging out with friends and BRUNCH! So I’ve decided to share some non-romantic, perfect spots for you and your friends to have brunch around the globe. Enjoy your mimosas, friends, and forget about who is single or not because Galentine’s is better than Valentine’s! Or at least that’s what I am telling myself.

This list of places has my mouth watering wishing I was visiting every one of these places this week! These places not only have great food, but also make me want to step up my brunch game because their locations are amazing! Where to next everyone? Hopefully one of these cities…

Buenos Aires, Argentina

From Eliana – Who I Met in the Amazon


Located right on the beach, this is definitely worth sitting down for brunch and relaxing with friends with delicious food and drinks. The deck for the bar is huge and seating is available inside and out. The perfect spot for this time of year. They have an awesome view of the ocean making it a place to relax outside and brunch for hours with your girls. Their food options include vegetarian and meat options so that everyone has something to enjoy. The food and drinks are a perfect combo when you think of brunch on a beach.



From Meghan – Another Traveling Teacher!

South Port Grocery and Café

This is a great place! Very small and very local. This place is unique because it is known for it’s local foods as a grocery store and it’s café. There is tons of wonderful shopping while you wait along Southport for your table and then there is a “grocery” shelf of local goods to buy in the cafe. Always fresh, great coffee, amazing bread pudding pancakes (you can also buy the batter for in the little market part), sea of cubbie blue on game days!! No fuss just good food in a real cute quaint location make it an awesome spot for you and some girls to get together and avoid the big touristy areas.


From Elizabeth – My Travel Bestie

HG Supply Co. 

Although not a big brunch person herself, Elizabeth gave me this spot as a favorite of hers. With a laid back atmosphere and delicious food, this is the perfect spot for a group of friends to get together for brunch. They have a great patio with lights and a bar that is open and perfect for a group of girls to sit down with food at great prices so everyone can afford to indulge. Their drinks and food show off Texas roots and they have something for anyone to enjoy. It’s located right in Hendrix/Knocks a very trendy part of Dallas that is easy to get to being just north of downtown.


From Piper – My Vegan Sister!

City O City

City O City is in Capitol Hill just a block or two from the state capitol. It’s a really cool historic neighborhood with old apartment buildings and big nice houses. The location is perfect being just minutes from downtown, two blocks of the Denver art museum, and the big downtown library – you could just walk to the museum or capitol or anything right after brunch. It is VERY hip – but there is a balance of guests. Families, business people, friends, and couples also enjoy this spot. They have an espresso bar and a regular bar with drinks all day. It’s open until 2 am so it’s also a night life spot giving it a very unique feel. The chefs make their own pickled things and cheeses so that’s also a fun addition. They have vegan waffles and yogurt that are delicious. It’s street parking only here which is true for the whole neighborhood basically. There is a pay to park lot across the street though which can be a good option for people who drive and want a quick spot to park. This fun neighborhood spot is not one to miss when headed to brunch in Denver.

Lima, Peru

From Ricardo – A West Coast Personality

Restaurant Javier

Ricardo called on his brother who is still living in Lima to help him come up with the perfect brunch spot in Lima to go with friends. Barranco district is an artist friendly neighborhood in Lima with lots of great coffee shops, restaurants, and artist studios. The area can be romantic, but also a great spot to spend the day with friends. One good brunch spot is Javier’s. With an outdoor deck space looking onto the beach, it’s a great spot to enjoy lunch and drinks with friends. Right after that, walk the streets and check out the park that make this neighborhood so unique – or head over to the beach.

New York City

From Tiffany – Andrew Joseph PR

New Yorkers LOVE brunch. Row House is the perfect place for brunch. It’s slightly off the beaten path situated in upper upper Manhattan in Harlem which is a wonderful neighborhood in New York. The offering includes a variety of inspired foods. You’ll get a taste of American, Asian, Italian-inspired with a twist. It’s a great spot to get seasonal small plates to share and brunch comes with a drink (in New York that’s always a plus)! This makes it the perfect spot for those of us who want to try everything! The atmosphere is inspired by the architecture and vibe of Harlem with an eclectic flare. When it’s brunch you want Row House is the place.



From Sofie – Solo Sofie

Café Oberkampf

Paris may be the city of love and romance, but it also happens to be the city of great food! You don’t need to have a partner with you to enjoy a lovely girly brunch in the city! One of my favorite spots to head to is Café Oberkampf in the heart of the 11e arrondissement of the city. A lively district, it’s where the best nightlife, hearty food and street art can be found. For a city as expensive as Paris, it’s not overly priced (around €10 in total for a coffee and main dish). Think great coffee, lovely decor and even better food…

San Francisco

From Nadia – One of my First Friends on the East Coast who turned West Coast

Park Tavern

Right in North Beach, this modern American tavern has great food and a fun atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot for someone who loves seafood with their ever changing list of market seafood options. They have indoor/outdoor seating for that perfect look around a gorgeous city. It also has a great location being so close to Fisherman’s Wharf and the Embarcadero making it a great place to go for brunch. Hop around to other spots after and enjoy this awesome part of the city.


There you have it! Great spots all around the world to have brunch with your friend’s this week and celebrate friendship and love! Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions and ideas! Love the list you all created!