6 Reasons to Visit Europe in Winter

 Europe is a great destination year round. The most popular tourist season there is definitely summer. But... I can now say after visiting Europe this winter (Paris), it's totally worth it! We loved it. Here are the reasons I think you should consider visiting Europe in winter, despite it being cold

  1. Shorter lines, fewer tourists

At Laduree, we walked right in and got a table. A friend of mine posted on my Instagram photo of us at Laduree, they commented were jealous because when they were there last summer, they  couldn’t go – the line was 2 blocks long!

  1. Places will be emptier

We went into Sainte Chappelle and no one was there! We went to the concierge and no one was there! We went to Musee Quai Branley and were basically alone. It was fabulous and we felt like VIPs. The only place it didn't feel even semi empty was at Versailles - I can only imagine how packed it must be in summer!

  1. Receive hotel discounts and tour discounts

We got an amazing deal. Our hotel was listed at $100 a night on hotels.com starting in spring. We got our flight and hotel for $500. Great discount.


  1. You can pop in and out of cafes without trouble to stay warm

Every corner café has coffee, tea, and hot chocolate that you can enjoy. Service is quick and you can pop in/out quickly back into the gorgeous city streets of the city. It’s a perfect way to warm up after walking around all day.

  1. There are gorgeous sunsets and sunrises.

Need I say more?  In winter, the colors are gorgeous and there are lots of awesome spots to watch the sunset. I have read before that winter sunsets are the best. I would have to agree after the amazing sunsets I saw on my last trip.



  1. Winter fashion is fun in Europe

You can style with cute boots and layer some of your favorite pieces. People are really into their fashion, especially in Paris! We researched a bit and found some good fashion tips before going. Here is what I noticed Parisian’s wearing as well as what I packed!

  1. tights and boots (I felt tights were a bold choice in 38 degrees, but so many Parisians were wearing them!)
  2. fur (real of fake, we saw tons of people wearing it)
  3. puffy coats
  4. pea coats
  5. scarves, hats, and gloves
  6. black and more black

There you have it! There are many reasons to visit Europe in winter - don't be afraid to visit in the off season. Still gorgeous and fun! Other reasons to visit Europe in the winter? Comment below!


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  • Anther good thing about sunsets and sunrises in the winter is that you don’t have to get up as early or stay up too late for them – especially good for photographers 🙂

    Totally agree with the quieter point too.

    • meghanramsey1@gmail.com

      Yes! That is a great point. Another great reason to travel in winter. Glad I am not the only one thinking this!

  • These are very good reasons! Thanks for the tips!

    • meghanramsey1@gmail.com

      Thank you! Glad they were helpful!