About Me


I’m Meghan the traveling teacher. I have a full time job in Washington, DC. I am traveling every chance I get, to everywhere I can. The travel bug always bites and I’m always planning my next adventure.

Friends, family, and colleagues often say, “Wow you travel so much! How do you do it? Isn’t it really expensive to travel? How do you afford all the things you do?” I always reply, “Oh, I have many tips and tricks I am happy to share!” This is how my blog was born. I am an avid traveler on a budget. Being a teacher means I’m working with limited funds for my extreme travel bug that never seems to give up. I’ve found lots of tips and tricks for getting the best deals and making the most of your trip. Follow my blog to see where I’ve been and how to do as much as you can on a budget. Throughout my posts you will see “Pro-Tips” these are things I wish I had known before going/you may only learn after talking to someone who has been there. Check them out when scanning my posts!

I love collaborating, sharing, and helping others make their travel dreams come true. Contact me for more info!